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The people behind Support to Sort decluttering services:

Tracy Muir

I started Support to Sort as I wanted to combine my many years experience supporting individuals facing life challenges with a love of creating order and serenity in the home.

I am married with two children and two step children, all now grown up. I have lived and worked in Hertfordshire for over 30 years.


You may well have heard the saying a tidy home is a tidy mind. I truly believe that our envirnoment has a big impact on our energy levels and state of mind. My mission is to help clients create a nourishing home environment. I can help you restore a sense of calm and control by providing both practical and emotional support. Clients tell me I am an excellent listener and that my support is sensitive, encouraging and efficient. I provide a logical, solutions focussed approach to help you sort, declutter and clear with good humour, compassion and above all a strong sense of confidentiality.


My work background is varied, but has always been about supporting individuals. I worked at the local university for 12 years supporting students with ADHD, Aspergers and dyslexia as well as providing coaching and emotional support to students and staff with mental health difficulties.. I have also worked for a national charity answering helpline calls and providing one to one weekly support to parents facing challenges and worries with their children. For many years I worked in Adult Basic Education visiting people in their homes helping them gain independence through developing literacy skills as well as running classes in the local college. Alongside my business I work voluntarily for St Albans Bereavement nework.

Marcus Muir

I am married to Tracy, and have also lived and worked in Hertfordshire for over 30 years.


I initially got involved in the business to support Tracy at busy times or with particularly large jobs, but as the business continues to expand I have committed more of my time to working with clients individually. 

I take the lead on clients that are downsizing to retirement homes or smaller residences and enjoy supporting them at a time when they are often overwhelmed by the task of sorting and clearing a life times worth of possessions to fit in a smaller space.

I also enjoy working with individual clients who are overwhelmed with the state of their home and working with them to create order in their decluttering challenge.

My background, like Tracy's, is in supporting individuals facing mental health challenges, which I do through a number of Universities, private clients, and contacts in the Charitable sector. I am a keen sports-person, playing squash 4 or 5 times a week, as well as playing a fun game of table-tennis with Tracy every Sunday.

I have lived and worked in Hertfordshire my whole life. I've had a varied working background, running an independant toy shopbeing a carer to the elderly and supporting people with learning disabilities for many years.

I then got married and bought a house which took me away from the care home I had worked in and into an administration job, I worked there until I fell pregnant and at that time started my own beauty business. Since giving birth to a beautiful baby girl I have been a full time mother and am re starting my career by joining Marcus and Tracy, doing a job I love.

I have a passion in helping others and have done so to my fullest in all aspects of work and life.

I find so much joy in decluttering, organising and giving everything a home to make things easier to find and maintain and make life as simple as possible. I can help suggest simple, easy, achievable solutions to make everyday that more easier and enjoyable."

Sophie Ponsford

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