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How it works

When you contact Support to Sort, we will arrange a FREE no obligation consultation at your home. We will listen to your needs and make an assessment of the amount of work needed to achieve your goals. 


From this consultation we will work out a plan of action and if you decide to go ahead we will book in your decluttering session.


On the day, we will arrive promptly to work with you and we will will work together to make decisions on what you wish to keep, what can be re-homed or recycled, what can be given to charity and will aim to keep refuse to a minimum. Every decision on what to keep and what can go will be yours and yours alone. 


We will most likely share a laugh along the way and for some there may be a few tears as emotions come to the surface. We come prepared with tissues as well as coloured bags and will take away anything for charity as well as recycling and refuse. If you have a large amount of refuse then we will advise you to factor in the cost of a skip.


If you have items that you no longer want that are saleable or could be given to a new home, we can help you with advertising on ebay, Gumtree or local Freecycycling sites. 


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