Clients share their stories

I can't thank Marcus enough for all the wonderful help and invaluable advice during my move. Initially the thought of downsizing and decluttering was very stressful but Marcus made the whole experience so much easier and I am extremely grateful for all his hard work and dedication. Mrs P Amersham

I Know you will say it's your job, but you have no idea how much you have helped my dad and myself in this process of helping support dad to move. It is appreciated more than you know and that I can convey. You are wonderful and I'm so very grateful to you. Mrs B Harpenden

Tracy and Marcus did not only provide excellent advice but provided an enormous amount of physical help in our downsizing. Moving without them would have been a very stressful exercise, but as it was every question was answered and every anxiety dispelled. we can't thank them enough. Mr & Mrs M Leighton Buzzard

Frankly I dread to think what would have happened without Marcus' help. He was truly incredible an nothing was too much trouble. A delightful gentleman in whom I felt total trust. Mrs B Enfield

Tracy, A huge thank you for all your hard work and support. You have made the last few months and the move so much better and reduced all the stress enormously. You really went the extra mile and have been so patient and calm, thank you!  Ms H, Cambs

Hi Tracy/Marcus, Dad is settling in very well. Thank you so much for your help over the past weeks, that has made “the move” manageable and relatively stress-free.  We’ve made great progress the past 2 days (pictures on the wall and only 2 boxes left to unpack!) and the flat is very much starting to look like a home. Marcus - thanks for the advice on keeping the TV unit in the hall - Peter is using it to hold on to as you predicted, which is something I wouldn’t have thought of. 

Best regards and thank you again for the caring, expert service. Mr H, Tring

Marcus came to help me with a complicated move in early 2019 when I moved from a very large flat to a very small one  .
So lorry loads went to each of my 3 children and to my new home and leftovers had to be removed. He was invaluable. He seemed to know the answer to everything  and chased issues like complications with phones or garden plants or goods to be abandoned with ingenuity and a calmness that I certainly wasn’t providing.  Nothing was too much trouble and he would arrive at all times of day to tackle decluttering or problems which he invariably solved . His knowledge and attitude were constantly helpful.  I don’t know if I’d have ever moved if it hadn’t been for his support. I recommend him enthusiastically. Mrs G, London 

Thank you again for all of your help, it's been a lifesaver having your help. You really are exceptional at what you do and with such patience and kindness. Mr B Cambs

"Mum and I cannot thank you enough for your help over the last couple of weeks.  We never expected to achieve so much in a relatively short time.  You listened to our needs and wishes,  gave sound advice when asked, and dealt with a lifetimes possessions with care and feeling, whether it was just clearing old magazines or items of value, personal or in monetary terms.  It has made us not afraid to open the cupboards and drawers, and has even encouraged us to enjoy the de-clutter experience. We would thoroughly recommend you to anyone facing life choices." Ms TB, Borehamwood

Tracy and Marcus, you were our fairy Godparents! You went above and beyond to make everything run smoothly. You took the weight from our shoulders and we couldn't have managed without you. Thank you! Mrs Z Harrow

"You’ve done an amazing job sorting and clearing the house and any sad thoughts I have are more than offset by the relief that the job has been completed with such efficiency and speed with comparatively little contribution from me!! I am feeling much more relaxed about everything now and that is mostly down to your help and sensitive support. I can’t thank you both enough, you have been worth your weight in gold."Mrs G, St Albans

"Tracy is a star. She made the task of moving home after 40 years, when I did not want to but had to for health reasons, so much more bearable. I really appreciated her kindness and understanding at a difficult time." Mrs D, Muswell Hill

" My 10-year old daughter’s room and walk-in wardrobe were extremely cluttered, to the point where neither myself nor my daughter could find some of her precious things or specific clothes. It looked such a mess! My daughter didn’t want anything to be thrown out without her permission first, so she and Tracy worked together to sort through all her things. At the outset, it seemed a mammoth task, but Tracy worked methodically and extremely patiently with my daughter, gently encouraging her to sort the belongings she wanted to keep, and identifying those she was willing to part with, reassured that these would go to a local charity shop and not just be thrown away. Tracy worked wonders! She also came up with some great storage solutions, including a new chest of drawers (efficiently put together by Marcus) and a variety of storage boxes for her previously cluttered wardrobe and shelves. The end result is a bedroom that looks neat, organised, more grown-up, and my daughter can now find her things quickly and easily, making it much easier for her to keep her room tidy in the future. I keep walking into her bedroom and find myself marvelling at how wonderful and spacious it now looks! It feels like a different room! I can’t thank Tracy and Marcus enough for their help in transforming my daughter’s bedroom. I would whole-heartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for kind and sensitive support in de-cluttering." Ms B, Hertford

"Having felt unwell for a time, I’d let my house get into a mess.  I had the best intentions to clean up  but they never amounted to anything. It became hard to clean because of the clutter and the whole place was driving me crazy. It wasn't nice to come home to.

 Eventually I just decided to bite the bullet. I needed help. I contacted Tracy who came to discuss what I wanted and she was totally unfazed by the mess.  Everything that could be recycled was recycled  which made it easier for me to part with things,.  Tracy was totally non-judgemental,  nothing went out unless I said so and where I was having trouble making a decision we talked about it  until  I was happy with my decision.  It was all totally at my pace yet it was amazing how much we got through in one afternoon.   I cannot tell you how happy I am that I  decided to  seek Tracy’s help.   Not only is my house much tidier and cleaner,  I feel so much better in myself, I had no idea how the mess was affecting my mood and well- being.   My only regret is that I didn’t do it much earlier." Ms L, Welwyn   

"This was more than a de-clutter.  Tracy is a gifted lady in understanding and communicating as well as in the art of de-cluttering.  This is therapy!!  I worked with Tracy as she helped me make decisions to sort, remove stuff and create order in my daughter's bedroom where there is a large family wardrobe.  We then had a further session to sort the 'full to overflowing' garden shed.   The results are extrememly rewarding and I'm hoping we can have Tracy back.  Tracy is sensitive, motivating and thorough.  Everything unwanted was taken away for rubbish, charity shop or re-cycling.   A  rare find for an overwhelming task!  Thank you Tracy." Mrs R, Harpenden

"I highly recommend Tracy for her expertise in not only decluttering your home, but in doing it with wit and such care for one's feelings when confronted by so many memories. I wish her well." Mrs U, Harpenden

"Thanks so much for all the hard work you and Marcus have put in for clearing the house.You've been an absolute pleasure to deal with and have been incredibly sensitive to us all during this difficult time, so I'd like to thank you on behalf of my siblings and I for making this part of the journey so much easier. It's also great to see the various charities and local groups that have benefited from the house clearance, Mum was a keen supporter of charities and local groups so we all know she'd be happy to hear everything has gone to a good and useful home." Mr W, Baldock

"Tracy offered skilled and sensitive support to declutter some rooms in my house which I felt unable to tackle on my own. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge about charities and recycling, is a brilliant organiser and the best bit is, she takes all the unwanted stuff away. Tracy doesn't make judgements, nor does she take control, just gently making suggestions and asking questions. She works incredibly fast and in a short space of time years of jumble and clutter have disappeared.   A weight has been lifted from my shoulders and previously no-go areas in the house have become ordered and useful again. A fantastic service and extremely good value."  Mrs G, St Albans

"It's difficult to express  in words, the profound impact  of Tracy's support in helping me settle at my new place.


Being physically challenged, going through emotionally difficult phase and being on my own, I was unable to unpack & settle at my new place.Tracy's professionalism, enthusiasm with compassion  and understanding made it possible in making my new place a home.


Initially I was a little apprehensive with the concept of Tracy's services because  I had given up all hope, motivation and desire to ever being able to make the new place as my own.I had 3 session with Tracy and each minute was valuable and worth each penny. 

Thanks to Tracy, I feel settled at my new place & express my gratitude in supporting and helping me make the new place my home." Ms M, St Albans

"I have been very blessed by the work that Tracy has done for me over the past few weeks. I was very depressed by the amount of clutter that I had accumulated over the past 30 years . I was too ashamed to allow people to visit me but thanks to Tracy's tremendous work I cannot wait for visitors to start to come once more.


I think that the greatest help was Tracy's totally non-judgmental attitude and the knowledge that nothing would be thrown away that could  possibly be put to some useful purpose. I am delighted that things that I considered useless are being sent to Africa or used by local charities .


Tracy has been very friendly and I have looked forward to her visits with real pleasure .


And by the way, don't worry about having to dispose of the stuff yourself , she takes everything away or arranges for it to be collected !!


I recommend her services wholeheartedly . You will enjoy the experience - and even more importantly - the results !! "

Mrs S, Hatfield

"Thanks to Tracy, I am enjoying living in my home again! The clutter has gone, and in its place, everything is clearer, more organised, and I feel happier too! It’s been a tough year emotionally for me on a personal level, but since Tracy helped me to de-clutter, it’s as if a weight has been lifted and I feel freer and calmer. De-cluttering was one of those jobs I kept putting off and found it difficult to know where to start. I had boxes of stuff that literally hadn’t been opened in years. Tracy helped me let go of things I no longer needed, but initially felt I didn’t want to part with, just in case I might want them one day! As well as motivating me to embark on what had seemed a daunting task, Tracy’s kindness and sensitivity enabled me to let go of items I found I was ready and able to part with, while keeping things I still felt attached to. Amazingly, thanks to Tracy’s positivity and efficiency, it became an enjoyable process, and especially satisfying once I could see we were making headway. I would thoroughly recommend Tracy if you feel you need help with de-cluttering. She will provide you with the tools and motivation to get you started and enable you to feel so much better once the clutter is gone." Ms B, Welwyn

“"With 3 children and no family help at all, it became a round of doing what was needed for the children then not having energy to sort the rest. I was ashamed of the state the house was in and almost cancelled at the last minute as was so embarrassed.


Tracy was immediately friendly and reassuring and not at all judgemental.She was sensitive and efficient and it made a huge difference having her guidance and encouragement. 


She made suggestions on changing the desk layout and now the children have space to do their homework and I have space for a cup of tea and a candle to relax with!


I was feeling overwhelmed but now things are clearer. I know that alone I would barely have achieved a tenth of what we did together." Mrs B, St Albans