Elderly people facing changes in their needs


Are you stuggling to keep your home sorted and tidy?


If you recognise that you are struggling with physical limitations that mean your home has become difficult to keep sorted and tidy and that clutter has steadily built up around you causing you distress, then Support To Sort can provide practical and compassionate help to sort, clear and declutter your home.


Support To Sort can advise on reorganising your space to suit your needs and help you regain order if you wish to continue to live independently.


Are you preparing to move to a retirement or care home or downsizing?


One of the most challenging stages in life can be as we age and have to make difficult decisions about changes in our needs.


The thought of sorting a lifetimes worth of possessions to fit in a smaller space can be daunting or overwhelming.

We offer a variety of services to assist you in downsizing and are flexible in providing a package to suit your needs.


Once you have made the decision to downsize or move to a retirement or care home then Support to Sort can help by:

  • Sorting and decluttering your possessions

  • Finding and liaising with Estate Agents and Solicitors

  • Finding and arranging a removal company

  • Room planning with you to decide what to take to your new home

  • Arranging for disposal, auction or donation of unwanted items

  • Dealing with change of address notifications and coordinate with utility suppliers


We will do our utmost to make the transition to your new home as easy as possible for you.

Prices vary upon services required. We provide a free consultation to assess costs.