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Time for a seasonal clothes declutter?

I'm glad I am an optimist and had yet to pack away my summer clothes so still had light things to wear over the glorious weekend! I certainly made the most of the sunshine and soaked up lots of vitamin d which is just as well as it seems so autumnal this morning! This makes it the perfect opportunity to declutter my summer clothes and pack them away as well as getting out and rediscovering my lovely warm and snuggly clothes to refill the wardrobe! When working with clients of Support to Sort on decluttering their wardrobes there are some simple steps which I follow myself: Take everything out of the wardrobe and sort in to piles of similar items - tops, t-shirts, skirts, trousers etc

Get a box or bag ready to put in things that can go to charity. Ask did I wear it this year? Does it fit well? Do I feel good in it? Is it still in good condition? Have I got too many similar items? (I have a confession, I found I had 10 black t shirts☺️ definitely some for the charity pile) Make quick decisions and have a keep and a to go pile. Bag up the pile to go to charity. With a seasonal declutter you can then fold up the clothes you are keeping for next year and store in a clear plastic box or vacuum pack bags. You can add some cedar balls to deter the moths and to keep things smelling fresh for when you rediscover them next year. A top tip when refilling the wardrobe is to place all hangers facing the same way and then when you wear something put it back with the hanger facing the opposite way. This will mean you will see at a glance what you have not worn when you come to sort out next time making your seasonal clear out even quicker!

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