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Nothing to wear, yet a stuffed wardrobe?

I was reading the latest edition of Your Home magazine last night and saw this short piece on women who have crammed wardrobes but still having nothing to wear! Sounds familiar? Another statistic that you may find ineresting is that we tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

I think we all have our favourite go to clothes that we wear either to make us feel good or to be slouchy and comfortable in yet we are still drawn to seasonal buying of new outfits and buying things in a sale at a good price!

Support to Sort worked with a client on a wardrobe declutter recently and the lady had 15 different colour fleece tops. She loves feeling comfortable in her fleeces now the weather has turned and likes to rotate through the different colours depending on her mood. She was lucky enough to have plenty of wardrobe space to store them all and not have a stuffed wardrobe. She did however part with many mistake buys including several itchy jumpers that she had bought recently but couldn't stand to wear!

If you relate to this article then create a space in your week to have a sort out of your wardrobe and be ruthless on keeping only what you know you wear. You can make some money by selling your unwanted clotes through a clothes recycling site. Support to Sort helps clients sell their unwanting clothes and shoes that are in good condition through Return to Earn, a company that will collect from your home if you have enough to meet their requirements. Check out their website at Alternatively you can donate your unwanted items to a charity of your choice.

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