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Decluttering v Storage?

A while ago I posted about an article I'd read about people resorting to paying for storage for their clutter which had surprised me. On Friday I experienced this for myself when I went to meet a new client at her lock up at The Big Yellow Storage Company. She admits to being a magpie and has collected far too much stuff to fit in her flat so has been paying £400 a month since March to store her extra stuff!

My client knows that amongst the many bags and boxes there are a few things that she wants to be reunited with but the thought of going through so much stuff to find what she wants was overwhelming so she just kept paying the money until someone recommended she get support to sort through it with her.

When looking on their website I noticed The Big Yellow Storage Company even has a drop down menu that lists decluttering as an option for purchasing storage! This does not fit my definition of decluttering which is about letting go of things you no longer need, like or have the space for.

I love my job and will be doubly happy working on a job that will save my client £400 a month! A win win situation for me and her....even if the storage company will be making a little less profit!

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